Why You Should Never Forego Foreplay – Ways to Get in the Mood

Why You Should Never Forego Foreplay
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A little foreplay before getting down to business is always important– especially for women. Usually, it’s the best way for them to get in the mood. But what really turns women on, and what do men need to get them going? Here at pjur love, we know why foreplay is so important and what truly turns men and women on.

Why foreplay is a key part of sex

For a start, because women simply enjoy it and it gets them in the mood. Unlike men, women tend to need a little stimulation beforehand. Yet there are other benefits to foreplay, too. For example, it creates an emotional bond – often even more so than you get from sex. Good foreplay also makes orgasms more likely in women. This is because it helps them to let go and relax – which is absolutely essential for women to be able to reach climax. And women usually only reach orgasm after a certain amount of stimulation. The right foreplay therefore increases the chances of a couple achieving a simultaneous orgasm. Of course, it also makes sex last longer since the more time you spend indulging each other with foreplay, the longer the whole experience will last. Enough reasons to take things a little more slowly next time, right? But what turns women on, and what are men into?

What does it for women when it comes to foreplay

It’s time to pay attention now. Bear these points in mind and you can’t go wrong when it comes to foreplay with your love:

Looks and words: It doesn’t always have to start with touching. Just paying your partner a compliment about her shapely bum can flatter her and make her want to have sex. And of course, sending a few messages throughout the day can get your partner in the mood for what’s waiting for her when she gets home in the evening.

Have a shower or bath together beforehand: When was the last time you had a bath or shower together? Far too long ago? Then it’s time you did it again! When you lather each other up, all that physical contact can quickly lead to more, making it ideal foreplay.

Nothing beats kissing: Yet when you’re in a long-term relationship, proper canoodling is something that happens far too rarely. Passionate kissing should therefore be part of any good foreplay session. But we don’t just mean a kiss on the lips. Women have lots of erogenous zones on their body, all dying to be discovered with your lips.

Use every inch of her skin: Whether you use your mouth, your hands or your tongue, foreplay gives you the chance to explore her entire body. Pay attention to which areas really do it for your partner. Feel free to linger there for a while, or make a mental note of them for next time.

Why foreplay is a key part of sex

Let your fingers do the talking: And we mean that quite literally 😊 You can use your fingers to touch your partner in a range of different ways in vastly different parts of the body. Start by sweeping your fingers very lightly over certain areas of the body. If you notice that your partner likes it, you can always increase the intensity.

Put your tongue to work: As well as your fingers and your mouth, women like it when you let your tongue get to work too. And you can let your imagination run wild here. After all, you have your partner’s whole body at your disposal, waiting for you to explore it with your tongue. Just make sure your partner is enjoying it. If not, you’re better off looking for somewhere she enjoys it more.

How about a little help from some sex toys? Don’t shy away from using sex toys in foreplay. They can help you get your partner aroused. Simply try a few different sex toys out. You may find that some of them aren’t really your thing – but that’s OK, as it can add a bit of fun to foreplay, too.

How to get men in the mood with foreplay

Extensive foreplay isn’t quite as important for men as it is for women. They usually get aroused very quickly. But try out a few of these tricks on your man and you’ll have him begging for the next foreplay session 😉

Explore the male erogenous zones: Think the only way to turn a man on is to focus on his penis? Think again. Here are a few parts of the body to devote a little time to next time you’re indulging in some foreplay:

  • Nipples: Apparently, they are even more sensitive in men than in women. Try it with your partner and you’ll soon see if he likes it.
  • Chest and stomach: Just as it is for women, this is a very sensitive part of the body for men too. You can discover where your partner is most sensitive here by touching and kissing.
  • Neck and ears: Whisper something dirty in his ear before nibbling it and kissing his neck. You’ll soon find it does the trick for him too and makes him want you even more.
  • Back: Whether you try a bit of massage or some kissing and touching, you should give your partner’s back the attention it deserves, too.
What does it for women when it comes to foreplay

Men like making out, too: Just as it is for women, kissing can be something really special for men too. So passionate kissing and cuddling also puts men in the mood for more.

Give his entire intimate area a treat: We often focus far too much on a man’s penis. Yet the rest of his intimate area is extremely sensitive too. So how about forgetting his penis for the time being and focusing instead on his testicles and the whole area around the penis?

Foreplay can be spine-tingling fun for both men and women and get you particularly aroused. Here at pjur love, we hope you have lots of fun experimenting 😉

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