Different Penis Shapes and How to Handle Them

Different Penis Shapes and How to Handle Them
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Big, small, fat, thin – when it comes to male genitals it’s no laughing matter, especially for men. Often, they can even get a complex about it. It doesn’t actually make any difference whether it’s particularly big or small, fat or thin. The most important thing is for a woman to know what to do with it. That’s why in this post, pjur reveals the different penis shapes and how women can –and should – handle them.

A run-down of the different penis shapes

  • The grower: A penis is referred to as a grower when it grows bigger and bigger as a man’s arousal increases, until finally it is erect. A grower often looks small when a man is not aroused, but can then ‘grow’ quite a bit bigger. On average, a grower measures around three and a half inches when flaccid and roughly five inches when erect. This varies depending on penis size, of course.
  • The shower: Unlike a grower, a shower is already the same size when flaccid as it is when erect. As a man becomes increasingly aroused, the shower barely increases in size.
  • The circumcised penis shape: In a circumcised penis, the flap of skin which actually surrounds the head of the penis is partially or fully removed. Medical professionals distinguish between incision, partial circumcision and radical circumcision. In the case of incision, a small slit is made in the flap of skin surrounding the head of the penis, otherwise leaving the foreskin intact. With partial circumcision, on the other hand, part of the flap of skin around the head of the penis is removed, and in the case of radical circumcision this flap of skin is completely removed. This may be done for religious, cosmetic or medical reasons. Around 30 per cent of all men worldwide are circumcised.
  • The uncircumcised penis: Unlike the circumcised penis, in the uncircumcised penis the flap of skin surrounding the head of the penis is not removed and is still present.
  • The curved penis: Some men have a slight curve which becomes noticeable as they become aroused. A curve like this is usually not noticeable at all when the penis is flaccid. It is present from birth and is not a problem when you know what to do with it.
  • The big penis shapes: It’s a well-known fact that the word ‘big’ is a broad term, which is why it’s also hard to define what actually constitutes a big penis. The average penis shape is around five inches long when erect. But it’s not all about penis length – girth is also key. The average girth of an erect penis is nearly four and a half inches. But if that’s average, what is big? Researchers say most men have a penis shape measuring between three inches and seven and a half inches long. Only a few men measure up bigger than that, coming in at between eight and nine inches. When we talk of a big penis, these are the ones we mean.
  • The small penis shape: Medically speaking, a small penis is one which is no more than two and three quarters of an inch long when erect. Nevertheless, many men seem to think their penis is too small. According to one study, nearly 70 per cent of men would like a bigger penis. So don’t worry, men: even if you think your little fella is too small, it doesn’t mean you’ve actually got a small penis shape from a medical point of view – not by a long shot. And for those men who do have a small penis, you can still put it to work with amazing results. Keep reading to find out how 🙂

A run-down of the different penis shapes

How to handle different penis shapes

If a woman is confronted with a particularly big specimen, it may be impressive initially but it’s not necessarily always pleasant. Many women experience pain when a man’s penis is too big. So for men with a big penis, there is one simple rule: the woman should have control! All this means is that, if you’re having sex with a partner with a big penis, it’s best to choose positions which give the woman control over what is happening. This is simply to allow the woman to determine for herself how hard, how deep, and at what angle she is penetrated by her partner. This usually makes it more pleasurable and allows a big penis to be used to best advantage. There are plenty of great sex positions for this, such as the cowboy position, lotus position, or using a sex swing. Please remember to use a personal lubricant whenever you feel to dry or uncomfortable.

Anyone who thinks you can’t do much with a small penis shape is wrong. For one thing, it’s not the penis size that matters but your technique. And there are plenty of sex positions you can use to make it big, even with a small specimen. Women are extremely sensitive, particularly at the entrance to the vagina and the G-spot, which famously lies just behind the entrance to the vagina. And also a small penis can reach that far. As a result, women should go for sex positions which allow deep penetration and which are known to be particularly good for stimulating the G-spot. Positions which are perfect for this include doggy style, the elephant position and the Viennese Oyster. If the penis is more of a “grower” one, you can also use a personal lubricant in order to “massage” for a bigger errection.

If your partner has a curved penis shape, you may be surprised how much you can do with it. Essentially, the sky’s the limit. You should just think of the curve as something you can use to your advantage. If the curve of your partner’s penis means it touches your G-spot, then you will be able to reach orgasm very quickly.

In the case of a circumcised penis, a woman can try anything she likes with her partner. There are no limits to what she can get up to. And the best thing is, it’s said that circumcised men are able to go for longer than men with an uncircumcised penis. So you can look forward to a long night of hot passion, ladies! The only thing that could pose a problem is a hand job. At least, that’s what many women think. But why not try using a lubricant when there’s no foreskin to slide back? Try it and see 😉

There’s nothing you can’t do with an uncircumcised penis shape. Why not try everything? Just bear in mind the penis size and follow the tips above.

When it comes to growers and showers penis shape, it’s actually the penis size that’s more important. Whether the penis shape is big right from the start or whether it only starts to grow bigger as the man becomes more and more aroused has little impact on what you can really get up to. The only difference is that with a shower you don’t have the potential problem of it going soft, leaving you having to get your partner worked up again before you can carry on. Generally speaking, though, you can try every possible sex position and any experiments you like with these two penis shapes.

So no matter what penis shape your partner has, there’s plenty you can get up to and lots of fun to be had 😉

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