Oral Sex – How to Make It Satisfying for Men and Women

Oral Sex – How to Make It Satisfying for Men and Women

It seems to be something that both men and women like – oral sex. One survey revealed that couples have oral sex around five times a month. Men in particular really like being pleasured orally: a full 83 percent of men go in for blow jobs. But women are also very fond of being satisfied orally. pjur love takes a closer look at why oral sex is so popular and at what men and women should keep in mind when they’re getting to work on their partner’s nether regions.

Why oral sex is so popular

Men’s fondness for oral sex can be explained like this: When a man is given a blow job, the roles are clearly allocated. When you look at their positions, the woman is down below and the man higher up. The man doesn’t have to do anything but gets spoilt rotten – she does all the work while he has all the fun. In this situation, men feel powerful and superior to the woman, something that these days is no longer possible for men in many spheres. Being treated to some oral stimulation is also a different kind of satisfaction for men.

Women have a different ­– but no less significant – reason for enjoying oral sex, which is also known as cunnilingus when performed on females. Many women can only reach orgasm when they are stimulated with the tongue in their intimate area. Little wonder then that women like oral sex as much as men. For many women, the likelihood of reaching orgasm is multiplied many times, especially if her partner uses his tongue to stimulate the clitoris. Many women also feel that if they go down on their partner, he should do the same for her too.

While there are plenty of women who don’t really like performing oral sex on their partners but do it anyway because their partners enjoy it so much, many men shy away from it. Instead, are either forever coming up with new excuses to get out of having to do it, or they do it, but unfortunately don’t quite know how to really make it exciting for their partner.

pjur love believes that both men and women should get satisfaction from oral sex. Of course, this means that men and women both have to run wild in their partner’s nether regions. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few tips for men and women on how to make oral sex work – for both of you:

Tips for men on how to indulge women with oral sex

The fact that lots of men like getting a blow job themselves, yet are reluctant to return the favour for their partners, may also go some way towards explaining why there are countless tips out there telling women how to satisfy their men orally, while there is very little advice to be found for men. pjur love wants to make up for that now, so here are some tips for you men on how to perform oral sex on your partner:

  • Take it slowly. Don’t go straight to work on her nether regions with your tongue. Instead, start at the top and go down. First kiss her mouth and then gradually work your way south. Her neck, her breasts – there are plenty of areas on a woman’s body that you can stimulate before getting down to business in her intimate area.
  • Often, men simply fumble around frantically in their partner’s nether regions without any kind of technique or without stopping to think how she might actually like it. Arguably the most important areas are the clitoris, the labia and the entrance to the vagina. Touch these areas gently with your tongue, and if you notice that she seems to particularly like a certain way you touch her, then you can really let your tongue loose there.
  • If you don’t find any areas where you notice your partner particularly likes it, you can always ask her how she likes it best. Women often don’t like to give instructions to avoid making you feel like you haven’t got what it takes to satisfy her orally. But if you ask her, she will be able to tell you exactly which areas are most pleasurable for her and will give her maximum stimulation.
  • No doubt you prefer it if you can’t feel any teeth when your partner goes down on you. The same goes for her too. Use your mouth and your tongue, but leave your teeth out of it!
  • And it may be called oral sex, but that doesn’t mean you’re only allowed to use your mouth. Quite the opposite in fact – many women really like it if you introduce your hands too, as well as your mouth and tongue. So whether you just touch your partner somewhere gently while your tongue is busy satisfying her or whether you use your fingers to penetrate her too – as long as she’s enjoying it, anything goes 😉
  • One more tip for you lovely men: if a woman shifts back and moves her pelvis away from you a little, then you should perhaps try something different. If, on the other hand, she moves her pelvis towards you then you should carry on working on exactly the same spot where you just were.

Tips for men on how to indulge women with oral sex

Points for women to bear in mind when performing oral sex

For men to be able to enjoy oral sex, women should always bear the following things in mind:

  • Don’t pounce straight on your partner’s little fella. Instead, get him worked up in anticipation. Start with his mouth and slowly move downwards. He’ll definitely enjoy it!
  • When you get to his little man, please don’t just put him straight in your mouth. Start with the head of the penis. This area is highly sensitive, similar to a woman’s clitoris. So right from the start, you can stimulate a particularly sensitive area. If you pull his foreskin back, this will give you better access to the head of the penis and allow you to give it a special treat with your tongue.
  • Leave your teeth out of it. Although it can be quite sexy to use your teeth when you’re kissing, you should definitely refrain from using them when you’re giving your partner a blow job. It will only hurt him and is anything but pleasurable. To make sure your teeth don’t touch his penis, you should cover your teeth with your lips so that it is only your lips that come into contact with your partner’s little fella.
  • We have already mentioned that men particularly like the submissive role women play when they’re performing oral sex. So it can be a real turn-on for men if you go down on your knees and assume the position usually associated with a blow job. This makes him feel like he’s in the dominant role and makes it particularly enjoyable for him. In reality though, you have absolute control over what you’re doing down there.
  • The blowjob can feel particularly intense for your partner if you take the whole penis in your mouth, suck out the air and then move your head up. This can feel especially intense for him as it produces a vacuum.

A few tricks make it possible for both men and women to get satisfaction from oral sex. Just watch out for the points mentioned and indulge your partner completely. Have fun ❥

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