Why Personal Lubricants Are the Right Choice for Your Intimate Area

A personal lubricant in a glass bottle is placed on a minimalist and modernly decorated white nightstand.
Nowadays, personal lubricants are no longer a secret.

In the last few years talking openly about sex has become far more acceptable. In fact, a variety of personal lubricants have now found their way into and even onto the bedside table of a broad cross-section of society. They’ve become something you can talk about quite casually, like any other topic. All of which explains why personal lubricants are the right choice if good sex is important to you.

Of course, it’s a bit of a breakthrough to buy personal lubricant for yourself and experiment with it. Whether you’ve already taken this step or not, you’ll be astounded by the benefits of personal lubricant for your intimate area, and ultimately also your wellbeing. We tell you all that and more here – as well as some extra tips and interesting facts.

There’s nothing unusual about using personal lubricant

Be brave: don’t wonder whether using personal lubricants might be a bit strange – whatever your gender. Some women can be affected by vaginal dryness, caused by hormones, stress or medication. But personal lubricants can do far more than just relieve dryness – and they’re intended for everyone. In fact, you probably know people who use them – or rather, benefit from them. 😉

There are many good reasons to use personal lubricant. Firstly, it reduces friction. Without some wetness, sex and masturbation are not particularly enjoyable. There is no natural lubrication at all in the anus, which is why you should absolutely use personal lubricant for anal sex. It doesn’t just improve it – it also protects against painful anal fissures.

Using a personal lubricant is also an advantage with condoms. The increased lubrication reduces the risk of the condom tearing. However, please only apply personal lubricant after putting on the condom. Oh, and by the way – all our personal lubricants, both water- and silicone-based, are safe with latex condoms.

Try it out – different options with personal lubricants

You can take your sex life to a whole new level with personal lubricants. You’ll go on sexual adventures, have and enjoy sex more often, and boost your wellbeing. Over time, you can find yourself in a rut in the bedroom – it’s the same for everyone. But a plethora of extraordinary sex practices and the appropriate personal lubricants will make your sex life far from boring. If you want to try something, just do it. Discuss your desires with your partner, think about what will work for you both, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to discover a new passion.

We know it might sound gross… but have you considered fisting? It’s still seen as an extreme sex practice. But most people aren’t aware that there are different types of fisting, and it can also establish a high level of trust. Which is why we want to break taboos with this post. Take a look!

When is the right time to reach for the personal lubricant during sex?

The answer is easy: any time! 😊 Personal lubricant doesn’t just solve a host of problems – it often makes sex more fun if you use some to help things along. That wet feeling can really boost desire as soon as it’s applied, getting you in the mood very quickly. This is the perfect start for foreplay, and means you can play around a bit and experiment.

If you have the opportunity for a quickie and want to skip foreplay, then a personal lubricant will get you going far quicker, and mean you don’t have to worry about lubrication and uncomfortable friction.

Two individuals exchange sensual glances and are on the verge of kissing. The surroundings are very dark, with the light heavily dimmed.
When the time comes, personal lubricant will get you there quickly.

Which personal lubricant should you use?

Most of us are increasingly paying attention to what we are buying where, and the ingredients. That is particularly true of cosmetics and food. Quality is important, and a certain standard is expected. In the same way, with personal lubricants there are different manufacturers with several products using different ingredients.

The personal lubricant industry has seen fundamental changes in terms of safety and quality for consumers in recent years. In the future, consumers will be guaranteed a safe, high-quality product, with official certification. What exactly will change? From 2024, personal lubricants will be classified as Class IIb medical devices, putting them on a par with defibrillators and ventilators. If a manufacturer does not meet the high requirements, they may no longer sell their product as a “personal lubricant”.

So, pay particular attention to the label. This way you can be sure that you’ve got a high-quality product for your next sexual adventure.

Diverse … and versatile

Most people have heard about personal lubricants used for sex. But step into the “world of lube”, and you’ll be amazed by the extensive range on offer. There is a large and colourful selection of personal lubricants out there – something for everyone. Check out this post if you want to find out more about the different types available.

Our extra tip: You might not realise it, but lube isn’t just for sex. For example, personal lubricant is ideal if you want to treat your partner to a sensual massage. Silicone-based personal lubricants are wonderfully slippery and very long-lasting, as the silicone molecules don’t penetrate the skin. So you can spend plenty of time massaging your partner.

A person is dripping some personal lubricant from a bottle onto the back of another person for a massage.
Personal lubricant for a massage? No problem!

Personal lubricants and caring for yourself

Not all personal lubricants are the same. Of course, you can use any pjur personal lubricant without worrying, but there are also special products that are intended for specific uses. For example, if you want your skin to feel good, and are looking for a personal lubricant that will nourish it, there are all sorts of ingredients to look out for. Whether you want a cell-regenerating, moisturising, warming or cooling lubricant … the range on offer is huge. Your perfect match is out there!

Women, take care: The female intimate area has a pH of 4.0 – 4.5. So, if you want to keep your vaginal flora in balance, you want our pjur WOMAN range and INFINITY water-based lubricant. These personal lubricants are adapted to the natural pH of women, ideal for use with sex toys and free from paraffins and parabens.


As you can see, personal lubricants give you unbelievable fun and freedom, a better sex life and all the resulting positive consequences. We hope we’ve broken the ice, and encourage you to experiment – if you trust yourself. 😉 So, ask a few friends whether they’ve ever used personal lubricants, and if so, which ones and whether they know what they contain. If not, well you’ve taken a big step by becoming a new (s)expert, and can shine with all your new knowledge. 😊

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