Anal Sex – Six Sex Positions for Anyone New to Anal Sex

The best anal sex positions for beginners
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We’ve already taken a look at some of the best positions for anal sex, but we still owe you a run-down of which ones are best for those of you just getting started with anal sex. And since we’re celebrating Anal August, we thought we’d show you which sex positions are best to try if you’ve just discovered anal sex for yourselves or you fancy giving it a try.

The best anal sex positions for beginners

If you aren’t properly prepared, choose a position that isn’t quite right or go too quickly, anal sex can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you prepare properly beforehand and go for a position that’s good for beginners, you might find you like it. It’s important, especially when you’re starting out, to choose a position that works well for both partners – active and passive. Because regardless of whether you take the active or passive role, anal sex can be a whole new experience for both of you. Here are a few sex positions that are ideal for anyone wanting to try anal sex for the first time:

The sphinx

In the sex position known as the sphinx, the passive partner lies on their stomach and bends one of their legs. This makes their backside very easy for the active partner to reach so that they can penetrate it without any problems. The advantage of this position is that the passive partner is able to relax properly.

The cowgirl

One of the most popular sex positions around, this position is also great for newcomers to anal sex. It has the advantage that the passive partner, sitting on top, can decide for themselves how deep the active partner enters. If at any point it gets uncomfortable, the passive partner can do something about it straight away. With this sex position, they decide exactly how their anal experience will unfold.


This relaxed position is perfect for anal sex. Sometimes also known as the curled angel sex position, it involves both people lying down, relaxed and cosy, with their knees bent up. The active partner lies behind the passive partner, allowing them to slide in easily from behind. This position has the major advantage that the muscles in the partner taking the passive role can really relax, while it also allows plenty of physical contact and intimacy.

The best anal sex positions for beginners

The elephant

The ‘elephant’ is another position which involves the passive partner lying relaxed on their stomach, but the difference with this position is that a pillow is placed under the pelvis to help get the backside in the ideal position for anal sex. The advantage of this sex position is that not only can the passive partner relax their muscles properly, but the active partner also cannot go too deep.

The lazy dog

The ‘lazy dog’ is essentially the same as the elephant. The only difference is that you don’t use a pillow to raise the pelvis. As with the elephant, the passive partner therefore lies on their stomach and can relax while the active partner enters from behind. It’s worth experimenting to see whether you prefer the ‘lazy dog’ or the ‘elephant’, complete with pillow.

The lotus

The lotus position comes from the Kamasutra and there are two versions of it – one in a sitting position and one semi-recumbent. Go for the sitting version for anal sex. To do this, the active partner sits in a cross-legged position. The passive partner then simply sits on their partner – either with their legs crossed behind their partner’s back or stretched out behind them, whichever is most comfortable. This is another sex position that provides a lot of physical closeness and intimacy.

As a general rule, when you’re starting out it’s best initially to avoid positions where the person taking the active role can penetrate too deeply. This can be a little uncomfortable, especially at the start, and you should work up to these positions – like doggy style, for example – gradually. It’s also really important to talk to each other. If one of you is finding it uncomfortable or painful, then you may be better off leaving your anal adventure for another day.

If you choose the right sex position and make sure you’re properly prepared, then anal sex will be something you too will find a thrilling experience. We hope our suggestions will help you to enjoy the whole thing!

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