Help! My Partner Is Bad in Bed – What Should I Do?

Help! My Partner Is Bad in Bed – What Should I Do?

Sex is said to be the world’s favourite pastime. But what if you and your partner are the perfect fit when it comes to personality, you love each other and everything is actually great – yet the sex is far from exciting? Having a partner who is bad in bed can be very frustrating and will test even the best relationships. But before you leave the person you love because they’re bad in bed, pjur love has a few tips that might just help you get things back on track in the bedroom.

Things that can go wrong

Does he just fumble around inside you, without any idea what he should be doing with his hands? Is she never interested in sex, and when it does happen she just grins and bears it? Does he fail to respond to your needs, and is having an orgasm the only thing that matters to him anyway? Does she only ever want plain vanilla sex and never want to try anything new with you? When it comes to a couple’s sex life, there are lots of things that can go wrong, but it’s good to know that it’s completely normal to have to adjust to one another, especially at the start of a relationship. Over time, though, you’ll get to know your partner’s tastes and try to cater for them – and you’ll want your own likes and dislikes to be taken into account as well, of course. If that’s not the case, then it’s high time you did something to make your sex life more satisfying.

Things that can help when your partner is bad in bed

Don’t panic! If your husband or woman is bad in bed or you simply aren’t a good match for each other in the bedroom, pjur love has a few tips for you:

  • Talk about what’s going wrong and what you want

Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Obviously, you don’t want to offend your partner, and you certainly don’t want to tell them they’re bad in bed – but you don’t have to. What you definitely should do, however, is tell your partner what you want. Talk about what you like in bed and tell your partner what you like during sex. If they’re fumbling around in completely the wrong place, simply show them how you want them to do it. Communication can usually help bring you closer in the bedroom.

  • Do something yourself to make sex better for you

It’s easy to find fault in the other person and label your partner as bad in bed, but are you also doing enough to make your sex life exciting and satisfying for you both? Instead of just focusing on everything your partner does wrong, couldn’t you try doing something to spice up your sex life yourself? Think about positions you could try out together or suggest moving it out of the bedroom. Often, just making a few changes like this can help improve your sex life.

  • Take matters into your own hands

If your partner isn’t receptive and doesn’t know what to do, then it’s high time you took the reins. Simply show them what to do. Tell them what you really like, or guide their hand to where you want it. Men are usually turned on by women who know what they want, and knowing what turns their partner on helps women, too.

Things that can help when your partner is bad in bed
  • Don’t set expectations too high

We often expect earth-shattering orgasms from our sex life. But is that really all it’s about? You shouldn’t set your expectations too high. Sex is actually also about two people who love each other showing their affection. If you have an orgasm while you’re at it too, then all the better. But a mind-blowing orgasm shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. Not having an orgasm should never be a reason to write your husband or woman off as bad in bed.

  • Do you know your erogenous zones well enough?

If you don’t know your own erogenous zones, you won’t be able to show your partner where you want to be touched, either. You are responsible for good sex every bit as much as your partner is. If you know what you like and what really gets your engine going, then you can tell your partner – and take a major step towards good sex.

  • Sometimes it just takes a little time

If you’ve followed our tips above, don’t expect things to get better straight away. This kind of thing takes time. Things may be a little bumpy the first few times you try telling your partner where you want to be touched. But once you’ve told them, the likelihood is they’ll remember the next time, so give yourselves a little time to get used to each other. It usually pays off and helps when you think your husband or woman is bad in bed 😉

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