Ten Most Common Sex Myths – True or False?


There are plenty of myths and preconceptions surrounding the subject of sex – men only ever think about sex, women on the other hand are only interested in cuddly sex, and women can tell immediately how well endowed a man is by looking at his nose. Some of these sex myths are true, but others are just plain nonsense. But what sex myths are there out there and are they really true? pjur gives you the low-down.

Sex myths – pjur love gives you the hard facts!

Sex myth 1: Men only ever think about one thing. With this myth, we actually have to get rid of more than one preconception at once. For one thing, men really don’t think about sex all that much – just 19 times a day (or at least according to scientists at Ohio State University). And what’s more, women don’t think about it that much less, either. For women, the figure is around ten times a day. So it’s not just men who think about sex several times a day – women have dirty thoughts now and again, too 😉

Sex myth 2: Women only like cuddly sex. That may well be true for some women, but certainly not all. The reason behind this myth is likely that sexual arousal is simply different in men and women. Men can get in the mood very quickly, often with just a visual stimulus, whereas women simply need a little more time and may even need direct stimulation. The extra time women need having foreplay before they’re turned on is often misinterpreted as a preference for cuddly sex. Not true, fellas!

Women not only like cuddly sex
Women not only like cuddly sex

Sex myth 3: Men have a limited number of sperm. After 5000 ejaculations, that’s it – or at least that’s the popular misconception. Let us put your minds at rest, chaps. This myth isn’t true. Men will continue to produce enough sperm, even at the age of 70, 80 or 90.

Sex myth 4: The taste of sperm can be influenced by what you eat. Pineapple is usually cited as an example, and is said to give sperm a sweet taste. Even though some people may not want to hear it, there’s no scientific proof that food can actually influence what sperm tastes like. So it doesn’t make difference, no matter what you eat, lads 😉

Sex myth 5: Women cannot separate love and sex. Whereas there don’t automatically need to be feelings involved for men to have sex, there is a belief that women can’t have sex without being emotionally involved. Yet that isn’t the case, as women cheat almost exactly as much as men do, even if they’re in a relationship that they’re not ready to call time on yet.

Sex myth 6: Penis length is crucial. This sex myth is one we have to dispel with a clear ‘no’, because penis length is absolutely not important. You could even say the opposite is true, as women are very sensitive in the front third of the vagina in particular. As a result, short, thick penises are actually even better as they are sturdier and are therefore better able to satisfy a woman. But essentially, the size and width really aren’t that important – it’s what you do with it that really matters. 😉 Speaking of penis length, as the old saying goes, ‘big nose, big hose’. So when women see a man with a big nose, sometimes they jump to conclusions about another part of his body. Yet this is one myth that has been disproved by science – there is no link between the size of a man’s nose and the size of his penis.

Sex myth 7: We don’t need a personal lubricant. Of course not everyone needs it, but often it’s quite helpful to get you more wet or to elevate your sex experience. Also for masturbation and anal sex: A personal lubricant is always a good choice. So feel free to use one 🙂

Sex myth 8: When you’re old, sex isn’t important and you don’t need it any more at all. That’s what many young people think, at least. But they’re wrong. Although older people don’t have sex as much, they definitely still have a sex life and even find it more satisfying than when they were younger.

Older People still have a sex life
Older People still have a sex life

Sex myth 9: Sex is only good if it lasts at least 30 minutes. This myth is quickly debunked when you take a look at the average figure for how long couples spend having sex on average. Sex lasts between 3 and 13 minutes on average – and if you believe this sex myth, it means the majority of us are having bad sex. And that’s not the case, of course. We’ve already looked at the question of how long sex should last in another blog post, and we came to the conclusion that it really depends on the couple. The most important thing is actually how long it takes for both partners to feel satisfied 😉

Sex myth 10: All women can come with nothing but vaginal stimulation. That’s definitely not true, as most women need their clitoris to be stimulated as well to be able to have any kind of orgasm. According to experts, only around 30 per cent of women can come without additional stimulation.

Most women need more than vaginal stimulation
Most women need more than vaginal stimulation

We hope we’ve managed to clear up some of the most common sex myths for you. If you want our advice, don’t believe everything you hear when it comes to sex. Find out everything you need to know on our pjur love blog instead 😊

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