Anal Sex Toys – Explore What Turns You On!

Anal Sex Toys
Anal Sex Toys
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You decide what you like! Anal sex toys can be extremely stimulating for everyone regardless of gender identity or sexual preferences. Everyone can experience an intensive orgasm from anal stimulation no matter what gender they are or genitals they have. So let’s take a look at why this kind of arousal is worth it, why anal toys can be a game changer with the right personal lubricants and which personal lubricants are the best options here.

But before we start…

We can’t say this enough: Every behind has nerve endings that can trigger intense orgasms. Period. So why aren’t we all putting anal sex more at the centre of our sexual practices? Before we go any further, though, please remember: Lube, lube and more lube. A good amount of personal lubricant is a must for sensual anal play.

It’s worth giving it a go – every bottom has nerve endings

Everyone experiences pleasure differently, and with anal sex in particular, it’s vital that you slowly explore different practices to find out what you want and don’t want to happen down there. But it is worth it. Because almost everyone experiences a great level of arousal from it. Every anus has around 2,000 nerve endings capable of sensing pleasure. This means that almost everyone finds anal sex stimulating. Some people’s behinds are even made in such a way that they can experience particularly intense orgasms.

No matter how long you’ve been looking into the subject of anal sex, you should be free to discover what turns you on without having to put a label on yourself.

Did you know that men have fewer erogenous zones than women? So men shouldn’t miss out on these pleasure points through prejudice or misplaced shame.

Anal Sex – it’s worth giving it a go
Anal Sex – it’s worth giving it a go

Anal toys – game-changers for anal pleasure?!

If we want to find out what turns us on at the back door, we have to take matters into our own hands. After all, once we start on a journey of anal discovery, we’ll definitely want to know which anal sex toys could be a game-changer for us in bed.

Whether you’re new to this or more experienced, the important thing is to go slow. Before you choose anal sex toys, you should start by pressing and touching your anus while masturbating. Then you can start thinking about using anal sex toys and other anal sex techniques with your partner.

Anal Sex Toys – find out what you want
Anal Sex Toys – find out what you want

There are plenty of options to choose from whatever your personal style or preference. Anal sex toys are great for exploring because they can help you find out what you really like. You can also use butt plugs and other toys to effectively prepare for anal sex. Special anal lubricants are perfect for introducing you to anal sex and for your journey of discovery.

Which brings us neatly to the topic of anal sex toys. So, let’s take a look at what they do.

What anal sex toys are available?

  • Anal vibrators
    All anal vibrators have one thing in common: They create vibrations in the rectum for sexual pleasure. Anal vibrators are developed exclusively for anal use. This means that the shape and stopper are designed to prevent vibrators from slipping into the bowel. This is extremely important, so, please, never use a normal vibrator for anal stimulation. Anal vibrators can be cone shaped like a conventional anal plug, for example, or they can be shaped like a dildo. A thinner, more pointed shape is particularly good for beginners.Tip: You can also use vibrators on your own to relax your sphincter even more, simply apply your anal vibrator to your anus.

    Anal dildos, anal beads and more
    Anal dildos, anal beads and more
  • Anal dildos
    Just like vibrators, anal dildos can help stimulate the inside or outside of your anus. Conventional anal dildos are often slightly narrower than normal dildos. This makes them ideal for testing whether penetrative anal sex is for you.
  • Strap-ons
    Anal dildos can also be used with a strap-on.
    All you have to do is attach your model to the right strap.
    Double straps, for example, feature an in-built vibration function that also pleasures the penetrating partner.
  • Prostate stimulators
    Prostate stimulators are a type of dildo. Located between the bladder and the base of the penis, the prostate also has a lot of nerve endings. Prostate stimulation is therefore more suited and extremely pleasurable for men.
  • Anal beads
    Anal beads are typically made up of spheres that gradually increase in size and which are attached together on a chord. They have a loop or handle on the end so the toy doesn’t go completely inside your body. You can use anal beads while masturbating, during oral sex or also during penetrative sex. Anal beads can also be used as “training” for other practices like pegging. Unlike butt plugs or prostate stimulators, anal beads are designed to be removed and re-inserted multiple times.Tip: Water-based personal lubricants are great for sensual solo players as they can be used with all anal toys. We recommend using our pjur BACK DOOR Moisturizing for particularly intensive anal games. It contains a higher concentration of hyaluron that ensures exceptional levels of lubrication. You don’t have to reapply, it is not sticky or tacky and it enables you to easily insert your anal sex toys.
  • Anal plugs
    Also known as butt plugs, these toys are extremely effective at enhancing sexual pleasure when masturbating and when used with a partner. Although many heterosexual men still reject any kind of anal penetration (into their own bodies) to avoid being seen as homosexual, anal plugs are great for your first attempts with anal sex toys. And it goes without saying that you can also get vibrating anal plugs.

So, we’ve looked at the best ways to start a journey of anal discovery and seen how anal toys can become real game-changers with the right personal lubricant. We’ve also looked at the best ways to use these toys. Wherever your anal journey takes you, please remember that personal lubricant is an absolute MUST. Your anus does not produce any natural lubrication. So before you even start thinking about anal sex, you have to make sure you’ve got personal lubricant to hand. Hygiene is another important factor: Never directly switch from using an anal toy in your anus to your vagina. We recommend spraying all of your anal toys with a special anti-bacterial cleaner like our pjur med CLEAN Spray immediately after use.

All that’s left is for you to start having some safe, carefully prepared anal sex in the way that’s best for you! 🙂 After all, enjoying anal sex doesn’t say anything about your sexual orientation. After all, every body has a bum!



There is one thing we really have to emphasise here: Just because anal sex is becoming less of a taboo, you should never assume that everyone is up for it. Despite the supposedly accepted rule that “no means no”, people are still being forced into anal sex under the pretence of sex positivity or the idea of being “open to new sexual adventures”.
Although we firmly believe that anal sex can be enjoyed by everyone, that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to try it.

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