Sex Calendar For the Holidays: Have a (SE)Xmassy Time This Christmas

Have a (se)xmassy time this Christmas
Have a (se)xmassy time this Christmas

We’re all hoping that we can get together with friends and family to celebrate love this holiday season – even though that might involve taking precautions thanks to Covid-19. But you still need to set aside a bit of time for yourselves as a couple. It certainly won’t harm your relationship to get steamy under the Christmas tree. Read on to find out why sex is so popular at Christmas, and how to really spice up the last few days of the year.

Why is sex so popular at Christmas?

It’s not just a claim made by researchers; the high number of births every September prove just how popular sex is at Christmas. Naturally, we can only speculate why this might be, but the extra time and all those cozy evenings spent at home in front of the fireplace or by candlelight mean we spend more time concentrating on each other. But it’s not just all about Christmas. We think the days of reflection at the end of the year are the perfect time to get things sizzling again, so we’ve made you a sex calendar. With plenty of ideas for thrilling sexual experiences that you should definitely find time for. And we’re starting it right now!

It’s time to get steamy under the Christmas tree
It’s time to get steamy under the Christmas tree

Now it’s going to get (SE)Xmassy – Your sex calendar for the final days of the year

Start taking time for each other every day, from today! And make sure that 2021 ends with a whole host of personal climaxes:

15/12 To start our sex calendar, we’re getting comfortable. Slow sex is on the table, with a lot of tenderness and absolutely no performance pressure.
16/12 Today it’s time to start sexting, all day long. So you can’t wait to jump on each other by the time evening comes.
17/12 It’s time to try out two sex positions you’ve never tried before. If you’re short of ideas, check out our blog for some inspiration.
18/12 Is there somewhere you always wanted to have sex? In the car, on the washing machine, or in your office? Today’s the day to finally do it there.
19/12 It’s Sunday, and that means more time to have more than one orgasm. Twice as a minimum, but we’re certainly not setting any limits 😉
20/12 Toys are an absolute must today! Whether you generally use sex toys today to pleasure yourself, or just as part of your foreplay, it’s really up to you.
21/12 Today, cook your lover aphrodisiac food, and don’t forget to include superfoods for your libido. Bon Appetit!
22/12 Have you tried reading erotic stories to each other? Let your imagination run wild and be inspired by sexual fantasies.
23/12 It’s almost the big day, so today you need to relax. What about taking a bath together, before the whole Christmas rush starts tomorrow? It’s entirely up to you how the bath-time fun ends …


24/12 What have you always wanted to try, but never dared to tell your partner? Today is Christmas Eve, and when else would you have a sexual holiday wish?


25/12 Don’t get stressed out by the family festivities! If you’ve got an exciting time with your partner to look forward to, you’ll cope with it all that much better. Spend Christmas Day morning thinking about what you want to do in the evening. Perhaps today’s the day to open the back door again, or maybe even for the first time?


26/12 Does the stress of everyday life mean you’re skipping foreplay? Today, it’s time to get necking. Never heard of it before? When you’re necking almost anything goes: stroking, kissing, nibbling, licking – but only above the waist. To start with, genitals are off bounds … until you simply can’t hold back from excitement.


27/12 You know best what gets you to organism. Why not show your partner? Masturbate in front of each other, and discover just how exciting it can be to watch your partner climax.


28/12 Even if you manage to spend plenty of time with each other between festivities, a quickie in the midst of all the fun can be thrilling. Arrange to have sex, but only give yourselves a couple of minutes. Perhaps even choose an edgy location? 😉


29/12 We all spend more than enough time on the couch at this time of year. But is anything actually on the TV?! Today, don’t watch the umpteenth Netflix series or a romantic Christmas film. Put on a porn film, that’ll definitely get you buzzing.
30/12 Got good resolutions for the new year? Make yourself a list of all the sexual fantasies you want to try out in 2022. What about pegging, bondage, soft S&M, or even role play?
31/12 Are you desperate to tick off one of your resolutions on your sex wish list? If you time it right, you can get started on them in 2021, and kick off 2022 with a real sizzle.


Have a sensual sex life over the holidays
Have a sensual sex life over the holidays

We hope you don’t just have sex over the holidays this year 😉 We’ve had so many ideas that we’ve kicked things off on December 15. But if you only really have time for each other from December 23, or even 24, simply put the things you haven’t got round to at the back of the list, or add them to your sexual resolutions for 2022. It will be worth it 😊

We wish you a sensual sex life over the holidays, with plenty of personal climaxes, and a fantastic new year!


Editor’s note: The content of this blog always includes same-sex relationships, even if the examples given are of heterosexual relationships.

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